Technical Inspection

  Saturday 24th February, (9:00 Hrs-18:00Hrs.) at Pit Area


GENERAL RULES- Teams need to check their vehicle before bringing to event site that the vehicle is manufactured as per the rules suggested for Mega ATV Championship. Teams need to check all points given in the inspection sheet provided by us. The vehicles of the teams will be inspected on site by the event technical inspectors and will be allowed to run only if the vehicle pass the onsite inspections. Technical inspection includes engine RPM test, Brake test, driver’s safety suit and kit inspection, and whole vehicle inspection.

VEHICLE CONSTRUCTION- The vehicles must be constructed as per the rule book only. The vehicle must meet all construction rules of the rule book.

BRAKE TEST- In brake test the vehicle need to run in a nearly straight and flat road for a distance of around 50 Meters. The vehicle should go on full throttle and apply the brake in the indication given. The vehicle must stop at the given area and after stopping the vehicle must be in nearly straight line. The brakes must apply on each of the wheels. If any vehicle does not pass the brake test in first attempt they will be given second and third attempt to pass.

LIMITATIONS IN ATTEMPTS- But the attempts will be given only in the specified time i.e. in the mentioned schedule the technical inspection will start at 9:00 Hrs. and continue till 18:00 Hrs. all vehicles must complete their all attempts in the specified time. No vehicles will be allowed to take an attempt after the mentioned schedule.  

ENGINE TEST- All engines will be inspected, teams need to produce the original copy of the invoice at the time of inspection of the engine. Teams need to keep their RPM and governor setting as specified in the rule book. The RPM will be checked and given an OK signal to teams and will be sealed. Teams are strictly instructed not to change the RPM and Governor setting after engine inspection. Organizers may check the engine rpm any time during the event.  

DRIVER SAFETY TEST- Teams need to produce safety suit and kit for driver in good condition and specified rating as per rule book. Teams need to produce the invoice for each individual equipment’s related to driver’s safety. All equipment’s must be in good condition, not in damaged condition in any manner. Damaged or torn equipment’s will not be accepted.

The clearance between the drivers head and the top ceiling/RHO must be more than 6” (Inch)

NOTE: As safety for the drivers and fellow participants are the first priority so there will be no compromise in the any of the safety rules. Teams must confirm that they have proper safety equipment’s of specified rating and quality like seat belt, safety suit, balaclava, helmet, shoes etc.  

TEAM MEMBERS SAFETY JACKET- All team members must have safety jacket of orange color only (Other color are not accepted) as specified in the rule book which will be inspected at the time of technical inspection. If any team fails to produce the team members safety jackets are not allowed to participate in the event and will not be allowed to move in the event area.

LIGHTS-Teams must have lights mounted properly in the vehicles which will be inspected during the technical inspection and before the night endurance event. If lights are not working properly the vehicle will not be allowed to participate in night endurance/black out event. 

BACKUP AND EMERGENCY LIGHT- It is strongly recommended to teams that teams should make a mounting for emergency lights/torches (High quality battery operated torches) If in case the lights are not working /in case of light failure teams can continue their race with emergency backup lights.

BRAKE LIGHT- Teams must have brake lights which will operate on application of brake at all time, and mounted properly as given in the rule book. Brake test will not be passed if brake lights are not working.

REVERSE LIGHT AND ALARM– Teams must have reverse light and reverse alarm on application of reverse gear. If any vehicle is not having reverse gear they do not require revers light and alarm.

BATTERY MOUNTING- All batteries must be mounted in the specified place only and secure position as said in rule book. No batteries are allowed in the driver cockpit and driver’s seat.

EGRESSION TEST- The egression of the driver will be tested, driver must wear all safety equipments and sit in driving position by keeping both hands on steering wheel, in static position of the vehicle. And the instruction will be given by the technical inspector to come out. The driver must come out within the five seconds form when the instruction given by the technical inspector to when driver’s both the feet are at ground. Only three attempts for this will be given.

TILT TEST-There must not be any leakage of oil in the tilt position of the vehicle at 45 degree angle from both sides of the vehicle and from the front also. There must not be leakage in any fuel, engine oil, gear and differential oil and brake oil. 

VEHICLE INSPECTION GO-NO-GO- The maximum size/dimensions of the vehicle is restricted as per the rule book, and the tracks are designed as per the maximum dimensions of the vehicles. We will check the maximum size of the vehicle and GO-NO-GO devices will installed to check the vehicle size. Oversized vehicles are not allowed to participate in the event. Hence they will be rejected during the technical inspection.  

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS- Teams must have fire extinguishers as specified in the rule book and must be properly mounted in the vehicle of specified size. And one backup fire extinguisher to be with the team members. Spray and other rated or oversized extinguisher should not be mounted in the vehicle.

CAR NO- The vehicles must contain car nos. as specified in the rule book. No cars will be allowed to participate without having car nos. or wrongly installed car nos.

FASTENERS-All fasteners/nut bolts used in the vehicles must be properly tightened and must use lock nuts where nuts are used. Nut and bolts where nuts are used bolts length must be chosen in such a way that at least two threads are out in fully tighten position of nut and bolts.

SHARP EDGES- There must not be any sharp edges which can harm anyone in touching of the vehicle and must not be cause of penetration of drivers body in case of the vehicle meets any accident or during the escape of the driver from the vehicle.

USE OF RADIO- If any team using radio signals in any communication devices they must have approved frequency license to use the radio devices at the event site.

LOOPHOLES- As there may be loopholes in the rules and exceptional cases may arise, organizer will take decisions in such cases which will be favorable to all teams, event, and safety and favorable to the participants.

MILAGE OF THE VEHICLE- It is seen in our previous events driver come to refuel their vehicles during the race without checking the fuel level in the tank, either they are already having fuel or they are fully empty in some place, which is unnecessary killing of time, We strongly recommend to check the mileage of the vehicle that will help the team drivers to develop strategy during running their vehicle in the race, and they will be able to decide the actual time for re-fueling, to avoid unnecessary refueling of the vehicle. 

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