Check List For The Teams


1.       DOCUMENTS-Teams need to check that all documents as given in the mail are available or not and must be arranged in the sequence in the documents file as instructed.

2.       INSPECTION SHEET- Teams must bring the inspection sheet checking all the points as suggested in inspection sheet and rule book duly signed by the faculty advisor/team coach.

3.       ORIGINAL ID CARDS- Teams must bring all ID cards as given in the documents section in original at the event site.

4.       TOOLS- We strongly recommend to bring tools and equipment’s with them which are to be used for repairing and maintenance of the vehicles on site.

5.       SPARES- We strongly recommend the bring the necessary spare parts like clutch plates, cables, spare bulbs, spare batteries, gear and differential oil, engine oil, brake oil, nut and bolts, screws and fasteners etc. 

6.       TRANSPONDER REGISTRATION AND CHARGING- Before coming to event teams must register their transponders at the given link in our previous mail and transponders must be fully charged and the vehicle must have proper transponder mounting.

7.       ANNEXURE FORMS AND DECLARATION- Teams must bring their ANNEXURE forms with them and declaration in stamp paper in their documents file. Do not forget to give the ANNEXURE for transportation of the vehicle to the vehicle transporter/ transport company.

8.       SAFETY JACKETS TO TEAMS- Do not forget to bring the safety jackets for each team member as specified. 

9.       SAFETY SUIT AND KIT FOR DRIVER- Check all safety equipment’s along with the seat belt for the driver as specified and mounted properly.

10.   FIRE EXTINGUSHERS- Check all fire extinguisher and make sure that they are not expire and the date of filling and expiry/re-filling is mentioned in the extinguisher.


PENALTY SYSTEM- Teams may be penalized on violation of any rules as given by the event organizers. Organizers reserves the right to penalize the teams on violation in any rules. Penalty may be imposed as score penalty, Declaration of DNF, Disqualification of team and vehicle, blacklist the team/ any of the team member(s), certificates, monetary fine and rank penalty.


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